2014 OLYMPIA PRO-Best in the World
Physique- 12th in the WORLD

2014 IFBB Omaha Pro
Physique- 3rd Place

2014 IFBB Mile High Pro
Physique- 2nd Place

2014 IFBB Emerald Cup Pro
Physique- 7th Place

2013 MUSCLE & FITNESS for Her May/June iSatori Ad (Print)

2013 IFBB Mile High Women’s Physique Pro
Physique- 7th Place

2013 MUSCLE & FITNESS for Her January/February iSatori Ad (Print)

2012 IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Pro
Fitness Division- 8th Place

2012 IFBB Toronto SuperShow
Pro Debut Fitness Division – 5th Place


Junior USA 2012 Fitness Championship
NPC Junior USA Championship – 1st PlaceClass A
Over All Winner for Fitness (earned IFBB Pro Card)

2012 OXYGEN Magazine May iSatori Ad (Print)

NPC April 2012 Athlete of the Month

2012 FITNESS RX for Men Volume 10, Number 2 iSatori Ad (Print)

2012 FLEX Magazine February iSatori Ad (Print)

2012 30th Anniversary Emerald Cup
1st Place Class A Fitness
Fitness Overall Champion
1st Place Bodybuilding Mixed Pairs

2011 Mile High Sports Magazine SNOW ANGELS Edition (Print)

2011 NPC State Championship
First Place Fitness Class A